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Norris Memorial Service

A Reputable Company Providing Quality Memorial Products

Norris Memorial Services was created to give our families the best price of bronze or granite markers. We offer uprights, slants, flats, crypts, benches, death dates, and bronze markers.

Established Since 1994

Norris Funeral Services was established in 1994 by David and Michelle Norris. The location of the funeral home is in Martinsville, VA. The funeral home was first owned by a doctor and his wife before David and Michelle bought the property. As the funeral home began to grow, the owners decided to start Norris Memorial Services to help families personalize bronze and granite memorials for their loved ones. Their whole goal with the memorial business was to offer families affordable markers with excellent customer service. Since 1994, Norris Funeral Service has expanded to five funeral homes located in Martinsville, Danville, Stuart, and Amherst. Our staff at all locations can help families design and personalize markers.

Norris Memorial Services

Offers a larger variety of bronze and granite markers. There are numerous designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. Prices can vary depending on the specifications of the marker. We will work with any family wanting a marker for their loved one. We have brochures on our website to give our families an idea of the markers they would like to personalize. We are not limited to the pictures of the markers on our website. If you cannot find a design you are looking for, please call or email us.

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Norris Memorial Service

Engraved and Bronze Death Dates

Have been a larger portion of our business since 1994. We can help any family obtain a death date for their loved one. Please call or email us for more information regarding death dates.

Installation of Granite and Bronze Markers

Is something we do regularly. We have a vehicle specifically designed to install markers. Some markers can be installed by hand or require a crane due to weight, but the majority of the time, we use our boom truck for installation. Installation is included in all of our prices. Keep in mind some perpetual care cemeteries have installation fees. These fees depend on the cemetery. We can answer any questions you have about installation markers. Please call or email us!

Norris Memorial Service